Useful Information for Current Students

Before the first day of the semester…


Email and texts

Tuition and fees

First priority: Before the first official day of fall semester, get your driver’s license, voter registration, and car registration switched to CO (it can cost tens of thousands of dollars in tuition if it’s late).

To figure out how much student fees will actually cost, see this link and this link. Any level of student fees includes a buss pass (on your Ram Card), and full time (6+ credits) includes access to the Rec center. Health insurance is covered for students taking 5+ credits (more info here).

Degree requirements

Here is a summary of M.S. degree requirements. To use credits earned as an undergrad towards the degree, the classes cannot be included on the undergrad transcript or in the calculation of undergrad GPA.

Class schedule

Please send me your class schedule for semester so I know when you’re available. It will also help me plan our weekly research meetings.


If I have not already assigned a computer to you, let me know if you plan to use a personal computer or need me to provide one.


Book checkout from Morgan Library for grad students is 6 months.

You’ll be surprised by how many papers you’ll collect during your graduate studies. I recommend using Zotero to store and organize references.